The Official eTranscript

The University of Toronto is proud to offer an official electronic transcript (eTranscript) in a PDF format. The official eTranscript is securely transmitted to the recipient via the University’s eTranscript vendor, Parchment Inc, and is certified with a digital signature that meets the legal requirements in countries around the world. University of Toronto eTranscripts are official only when bearing the Blue Ribbon Symbol and a valid digital certification issued by Globalsign CA for Adobe. The transcript is considered official and trusted when a recipient receives it from an email sent by Parchment on behalf of the University of Toronto. eTranscripts sent on behalf of the University of Toronto will come from the email address,

For the security features to work, the eTranscript should be viewed with the latest version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat on desktop or laptop computer:

How to download the eTranscript

Recipients of the eTranscript will receive an email from Parchment Inc. on behalf of the University of Toronto when the transcript is ready to be downloaded.  eTranscripts sent on behalf of the University of Toronto from Parchment will come from the email address,, with the subject line, “University of Toronto : Parchment Send Service :: Document #”. Please note, recipients have 20 calendar days to access the transcript using the secure download link provided in the email. Requestors will be required to place a new eTranscript order if the secure download link expires before the eTranscript is downloaded by the recipient.

Follow these steps to download the University of Toronto eTranscript:

  • You will receive an email notification that a transcript has been sent to you. Click the secure download link in the email you received to access the University of Toronto Parchment Storefront.
  • On the University of Toronto Parchment Storefront, follow the onscreen instructions and click Next to generate a second email containing the document passcode. Keep the browser window open because you will need it when you enter the passcode.
  • Open the second email. Copy the passcode and paste it into the space provided in the browser window you kept open.
  • Click the Download button. The eTranscript has been downloaded!

If you need help, click on one of the buttons below to see a one-page guide on how to download the eTranscript.

How to Authenticate the eTranscript

Valid Blue Ribbon Certification

The Blue Ribbon symbol is your assurance that the digital certificate is valid, the document is authentic and the contents of the University of Toronto eTranscript have not been altered.

The digital certificate will appear in a pop-up screen or status bar on the document, display a blue ribbon, and declare that the document was certified by the Parchment, with a valid certificate issued by Global-Sign CA for AATL . This document certification can be validated by clicking on the Signature Properties of the document.

All official eTranscripts must have a valid Blue Ribbon certification:

Other Possible Authentication Statuses

There are three other possible authentication statues when the Blue Ribbon certification is not appearing:

Author Unknown can have two possible meanings: (1) The certificate is a self-signed certificate or has been issued by an unknown or untrusted certificate authority, or (2) the validation check could not be completed.

If you receive an eTranscript with this message be sure to try the troubleshooting tips below. If you’ve tried to troubleshoot the issue and you still cannot validate the digital certificate, reject the eTranscript.

An invalid digital certificate display means either the digital signature is not authentic or the document has been altered. A document with an invalid digital signature display should be rejected.

If the eTranscript does not contain a valid Blue Ribbon certification message, reject it immediately. As the following picture shows, the Blue Ribbon is absent from the document.

Troubleshooting the eTranscript

The Blue Ribbon symbol at the top of the transcript is your assurance that the University of Toronto eTranscript is official and digitally certified. Be sure to try the following if you are encountering issues with the Blue Ribbon (e.g., Author Unknown) before rejecting the transcript.

  • The PDF file must be opened with the latest version of Adobe Reader on a laptop or desktop. The blue ribbon will not appear when opening the transcript on the mobile version of Adobe Reader. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader here.  
  • Users must be connected to the internet as the Blue Ribbon does not work when offline. Adobe must communicate with servers to authenticate the embedded certificate in the transcript.
  • Adobe Reader Preferences must be up to date.  Adobe Reader is sometimes set up with more stringent security settings , which could result in Global Sign CA not being on the list of trusted certificates.

To make sure Trusted Certificates are up to date in Adobe Reader, use the Main Menu navigate to EDIT/PREFERENCES/TRUST MANAGER and check the boxes Load trusted certificates from Adobe AATL server and Load trusted certificates from an Adobe EUTL server. Click Update Now for both certificate types.   Click OK to exit. 

For More Information

If you have questions about the eTranscript, please contact the University of Toronto Transcript Centre for help: