University of Toronto

Transcript Centre

Order Transcript via ACORN/ROSI

(fastest method)

Step 1: Log into ACORN/ROSI (the Student Web Service).

Step 2: Enter your Student number and PIN.  See our FAQ section for information on what to do if you cannot remember your student number or PIN.

Step 3: Go to the left menu and click on “Transcripts, Academic History”

Step 4: Click on “Order Transcript” then follow the steps to complete your order.

If the recipient (e.g., an educational institution) requires that a tracking form be included with your transcript, you will be able to upload your tracking form as a PDF or image file as part of your transcript order on ACORN/ROSI.

Processing times for orders via ACORN/ROSI (the Student Web Service)

For orders submitted between the hours of 8:00am – 2:45pm transcripts are processed and released the same business day in the order they were received.

If you have registrations prior to September 1998, you must allow at least 1 to 3 business days for processing since these records are not fully available on ACORN/ROSI.

Multiple copies and recipients

Multiple copies of your transcript can be ordered on the ACORN/ROSI.

You can list multiple recipients and mailing addresses when submitting orders on ACORN/ROSI.  After you have entered the first recipient, click “Add another recipient” and enter the information for the second recipient.

Multiple copies of transcripts being sent to a single third party address are mailed in one envelope unless you specifically request that each be in a separate envelope.

If you request to have multiple copies of a transcript issued to you, they will be sent to you in separately sealed envelopes, placed in a larger envelope.

Who cannot order a transcript on-line?

If all your registrations were prior to September 1978, you must submit your order directly to the University of Toronto Transcript Centre on a transcript request form.

Students/alumni with outstanding fees, financial or administrative holds are not able to order a transcript till their fees or holds have been cleared.  See financial holds and overdue accounts for further information.

Orders for transcripts for the programs/divisions listed below should be directed to the appropriate division: