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The transcript office will be closed on Tuesday January 31st between the hours 12 – 1:45p.m.

 How to order a transcript using our PDF forms:

Step 1: Open the Transcript Order Form.  You can complete the fillable PDF or you can download a PDF and write in the information to complete the form.

Step 2: Complete one form for each recipient

Step 3: Print & Sign

Step 4: Submit in person, via regular mail, or scan and email the form with government issued photo ID

Fillable PDF Paper Form
Fillable PDF Transcript
Request Form
Paper Transcript
Request Form

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Processing times

Generally transcripts orders received before 2:00 pm are printed and sent out on the same business day.  Orders received after 2 pm on Fridays will be processed on the next business day.

If you have registrations prior to September 1998, you must allow at least 3 to 5 business days for processing since these records are not fully automated.

Note: Paper forms must be signed or they will not be processed.

Students are responsible for ensuring that orders are submitted well in advance of deadlines. Orders are processed in the order in which they are received. The University of Toronto Transcript Centre is not responsible for transcripts lost or delayed in the mail.  Please refer to Delivery/Pick-Up Options for information on estimated delivery times.

Tracking forms

If you need a tracking form to be sent with your transcript please submit your transcript order via ACORN/ROSI (the Student Web Service).  You will be able to upload your tracking form as a PDF or image file as part of your transcript order.

Multiple copies

  • Multiple copies of your transcript can be ordered.
  • When submitting your request on ACORN/ROSI (the Student Web Service) you can list multiple recipients.
  • Multiple copies of transcripts being sent to a single third party address are mailed in one envelope unless you specifically request that each be in a separate envelope.
  • If you request to have multiple copies of a transcript issued to you, they will be sent to you in separately sealed envelopes, placed in a larger envelope.

Order to be faxed

For transcripts needing to be faxed, submit your order using the paper form. Do not submit your transcript order via ACORN/ROSI.  There is an extra charge for faxing your transcriptNote: Although the University of Toronto Transcript Centre is able to fax transcripts, this is not a recommended delivery option because the quality of the faxed document is poor.  Transcripts are printed on secure paper so the word “copy” will appear on the faxed paper and some of the text may not be legible. Faxed transcripts are not considered official transcripts.

The Transcript Centre does not keep transcripts that are faxed, they are automatically mailed out or left for pick up based on the options you select on the order form.

Who cannot order a transcript on-line?

If any of your registrations were prior to September 1978, you must submit your order directly to the University of Toronto Transcript Centre on a paper transcript form.

Students/alumni with outstanding fees, financial or administrative holds are not able to order a transcript till their fees or holds have been cleared.  See financial holds and overdue accounts for further information.

Orders for transcripts for the programs/divisions listed below should be directed to the appropriate division: